Monday, April 27, 2015

A letter to the freshers of the RGM department in Ostrog Academy
It is a common knowledge that when you are getting a diploma on RGM is definitely not as easy as ABC. Moreover, in most cases students don't get there A for efforts, but for their knowledge. Everyone who graduated from the Ostrog Academy and especially from RGM department worked their way through college with a lot of efforts and crams, but I can say that all your work is worth the result at the end. 
To help to the freshers in studying, I want to suggest some helpful advises:
-First of all you have to go to all lectures, this would mean that you can get some extra points and your attendance will be great.
-Be eager beavers and be interested in what you learn. In this way your learning process will be better, and you can complete everything in more productive way. 
 -Never try to be teacher's pet. It won't help you to learn your subject better, but it is my firm convinction that it only can make the relationships in a subgroup worse. 
-Hand in and send in everything in time. So it can make your reputation of a responsible student and you won't have any tardy tasks.
So dear freshers, I want to say that I know how sometimes is may be hard to make the grade in studying, how often to burn the midnight oil and scrape through your tasks. In any case you should grasp the importance of your learning process. It even doesn't matter if you have or don't have a mental agility, but to achieve something in this life you have to work hard.
That is why I wish you good luck and courage! =)

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